Diplo Thinks He’s Playing at Wes Tonight

BREAKING: He’s also eating sunflower seeds. Cool, bro.

Speaking of random Wes appearances in the Twitterverse, here’s a slightly more embarrassing one. Diplo—the Philly-based DJ who comprises one half of popular electro project Major Lazer—just tweeted that he’s en route to Wesleyan for a show tonight. Say what? Also, turns out we’re an all girls’ school, which seems to be a cause for insecurity:

Wait, wait! Shockingly, Diplo had us confused with Wellesley, where Major Lazer is performing tonight as part of the school’s Spring Weekend lineup. Not like that’s ever happened before.  And apparently “there dudes here too.” Good to know:

Stay classy, Diplo. We’d have you anytime.

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8 thoughts on “Diplo Thinks He’s Playing at Wes Tonight

  1. Wes student

    Umm so if you’re not aware, Wesleyan College is an all-female college located in Macon, Georgia.

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