@THE_REAL_MROTH = Fake Twitter Account?

Shocking news from Inside Higher Ed today:  turns out President Roth’s enthusiastic Twitter alter-ego may, in fact, be a fraud. Could @THE_REAL_MROTH be just one of many fake administrative Twitter accounts popping up at universities nationwide? But it all seemed so real . . .

@The_Real_MROTH may be implicated in a larger-scale pattern of administrator-impersonators popping up on Twitterfrom Wesleyan to Brown to Texas. More from Inside Higher Ed, after the jump.

As in the case of @PrezHuddleston, the plausibility of a bona fide Twitter president has given rise to phony ones. And Mark Huddleston is not the only college figurehead with a doppelgänger. In the last two years, fake presidential Twitter accounts have cropped up at Columbia University, Wesleyan University, Georgetown University, Brown University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Vassar College.

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“Mo’ money, mo’ problems,” lamented a fake Michael Roth, president of Wesleyan, shortly after Roth was revealed to have been one of the highest-paid liberal arts presidents in 2007-2008. “Just kidding, my life is awesome.”

Roth even offers a comment on the account. Unsurprisingly, the real real administrator isn’t too perturbed:

“I was aware of this impersonation but haven’t thought too much about it,” wrote the real Michael Roth in an e-mail. Given how much he puts himself in the public eye (he does not tweet, but writes regularly in the popular press and keeps a blog), “I expect that satire is part of the deal,” Roth said.

I scoped out @LEE_BOLLINGER on Twitter, fake account for Columbia’s president, and it’s arguably just as funny—and a good deal more prolific—than @THE_REAL_MROTH. Here are some choice tweets:

  • columbia gets five more years of me. I get silly bandz shaped like my face. WIN WIN WIN WIN
  • Never pregaming with kevsho againnnnn ughhhh
  • GREAT CASTING IDEAS FOR MY OBAMA MOVIE: will smith = b.obama (obv.), meryl streep = h.clinton, george clooney = r.emmanuel.
  • Forgot to water plants. They probably would have died anyway right?
  • I’m totally the don draper of school presidenting, right?

Step up your game, MROTH. And read the full, surprisingly detailed article here.

[Inside Higher Ed]

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