And the winner of the April Energy Fest is…

Nicolson 5, 5.5 and 6. Congratulations!!

Over the past two weeks, dorms have competed to reduce energy consumption and win awesome prizes. Nics 5, 5.5 and 6 dominated the ranking throughout the competition, and won with a formidable 159.2% energy reduction compared to its baseline. Overall, dorms conserved 26.6% more energy than during the baseline period. The final rankings are:

1. Nics 5, 5.5, 6
2. Butt A
3. Butt B
4. Nics 7
5. WestCo 3 & 4
6. Butt C
7. Clark
8. Hewitt
9. High Rise & Low Rise
10. WestCo 1 & 2
11. Senior Fauver
12. Freshman Fauver

Although the competition is over, saving energy is still important! Keep up the good habits!

Like all the ones before it, this update has been really brought to you by Bing Wu ’13. Check the Wes Sustainability Blog for all the daily updates leading up to the competition finale (spoilers: Nics 5-6 carried it pretty much all the way) and other sustainability updates. Thanks for playing, dormies!

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5 thoughts on “And the winner of the April Energy Fest is…

  1. Greenwes

    Could we get a briefing on why the Fauvers have been consuming the most energy week after week?

    Is it because people use more energy when they think their dorm is more efficient??

  2. Schwartzenbacher

    uuuh.. I’m in Nics 6 and I’m pretty sure we won this because our heat hasn’t been working for the past 3 weeks. Yaay Nics!!!! WoooooooOOoOo!

    1. Anon

      FOR REAL. I’d rather not be freezing all the time then get some damn ice cream party that I can’t even go to.

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