“Strangely hypnotic mashups of ambient and live police radio”

Trying to do work? Maybe you should try doing it to this shit:

You are listening to…” takes a live stream of police radio from Los Angeles (or San Francisco, or Chicago, or Montréal)  and puts it over random ambient tracks some guy pulled from SoundCloud (read: cool-ass shit). It made Boing Boing*, most recently because the creator ventured into the somewhat familiar territory of pairing ambient sounds with cool scientists saying cool things.

At first I was able to go about my business while listening just fine, but then I started trying to listen to the actual words, then I started thinking about what would happen if I heard something like a shootout while this was playing, then i heard some creepy laughter or something and i thought it was from the police radio so i stopped it but it was still going to i realized it was the ambient track and started the radio again but then for a brief second thought i might have accidentally opened some weird tab or some popup but probably not because ive just been reading random shit anyway and listening to los angeles police radio over random ambient music for like an hour now this is actually really cool i should do homework

*Read the preceding four words as “It [subject] made [verb] Boing [object] Boing [action].



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