Amherst Fan Van 4/23

The Fan Van, a bus that takes student fans to Wesleyan athletic away games, is happening again for the last time this school year. It will happen this Saturday April 23rd, with a bus going to the men’s lacrosse game against Amherst, one of our Little Ivy rivals. There will also be a men’s and women’s track meet there.

The bus will be leaving Wesleyan from Usdan at 12:15pm. The bus will be leaving Amherst at 4:00pm and returning to campus at roughly 5:30pm.
People can reserve a spot by emailing nokai(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, stating their interest. To preserve the fairness of the service, you can only reserve a seat for yourself (your friends must also reserve for themselves). First come, first served. There are a pretty limited number of spots, so make your reservation now before bus seats run out.
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2 thoughts on “Amherst Fan Van 4/23

  1. Alum '09

    Little THREE rivals. Little Ivies is a made up name for most NESCAC schools. The Little Three is the actual historical rivalry, that results in a champion being named for each sport and each year. There is actually a BIG difference.

  2. T&F fan

    Not just any track meet . . . it’s Little Threes for the Track and Field team at Amherst College this Saturday too.

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