Mid-Week Election Analysis

The election doesn’t end until Friday night, but that doesn’t mean we have to be clueless about who’s likely to win and become the next POTWSA.  There’s plenty of indicators that may or may not prove to be true.  This post isn’t an endorsement of any candidate, just a look at the numbers.  With new limitations limiting the influence of money, there seems to be more emphasis than ever on the Internet.  If you haven’t yet voted and want to know who to vote for, click here for the answer.

Wesleying Poll: At the time of writing this post, 311 people have voted.  Assuming these have all been students, that’s over 10% of eligible voters.  The nature of the poll isn’t really optimal for including Vice Presidential candidates too, but we have presidential numbers:

  1. Zach Malter (36%)
  2. Giant Joint  (31%)
  3. Melody Oliphant (12%)
  4. Joe O’Donnell (10%)

It’s funny that some people aren’t going to take the time and effort out to vote, but they did to vote in the poll about voting.  As for Giant Joint, I get the impression ze and Wesleying might share some of the same fan base, so don’t start celebrating just yet (unless it’s a belated 4/20).  

Facebook: Things are more complicated with Facebook because a given candidate invites their friends to vote for them, and unfortunately that seems to be how many people choose who they’re voting for.  Also, there seem to be great disparities in the number of friends each of the candidates have.  Zach and Meherazade have invited the most people to their Facebook event, followed by Joe, followed by Melody and Grace.  That seems to show in the comparative results:

  1. Zach Malter & Meherazade Sumariwalla (257 voting/145 maybe/186 not)
  2. Joe O’Donnell (215 voting/91 maybe/101 not)
  3. Melody Oliphant & Grace Zimmerman (183 voting/21 maybe/22 not)

YouTube: This is a strange category, but all of the tickets actually have YouTube videos for their campaigns.  It’s quite the “thing” this season.  Who knows, maybe it was suggested at the candidates meeting.  YouTube really doesn’t tell us much since rating and commenting is disabled on the Zach/Meherazade video, but in terms of views:

  1. Joe O’Donnell (294 views/6 likes/3 dislikes)
  2. Zach Malter & Meherazade Sumariwalla (254 views)
  3. Melody Oliphant & Grace Zimmerman (98 views/0 likes/0 dislikes)

And, as always, the ACB is abuzz.  Feel free to say who you’re voting for and why in the comments.  Try to keep it positive and not personal.

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