weSLAM Presents: FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP SLAM (feat. Jeanann Verlee + Adam Falkner)

From weSLAM:

Come watch the 10 highest scoring poets from the first three slams compete for the chance to be crowned the Spring Slam Champion. Who will win all the glory? Join us this Friday to find out!

But that’s not all we have in store for you. Jeanann Verlee and Adam Falkner, two of the most successful slam poets on the scene today, will be featuring at this event. Jeanann and Adam both compete at the national level, and most recently represented New York City’s louderARTS Team together at the National Poetry Slam. Both have highly impressive bios (which you can read on the Facebook page). This is not something you want to miss.

  • DATE: Friday, April 22nd
  • TIME: doors @ 8:15 pm; slamming begins at 8:30 pm
  • PLACE: Daniel Slamily Commons (Usdan, 3rd floor)
  • MORE INFO: Click here.


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8 thoughts on “weSLAM Presents: FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP SLAM (feat. Jeanann Verlee + Adam Falkner)

  1. Daniel Thatcherson

    ‘New York City! It is Broadway! It is bright lights!’ What a coincidence–if you want to hear more about ol’ Big York Town, including some slam poetry about that wild lady in the dress they used to call New Amsterdam, come on out to NEW YORK YOU ARE MY WIFE tomorrow night at 8 the WestCo Cafe! (Or tonight, but we don’t need a Slam Civil War on our hands– Check ’em both out!)

    1. YEERR

      Really? You’re gonna plug your own event on the post for an event at the same time? That’s pretty lame.

  2. out of curiousity

    just wondering, where does that characteristic slam tone/voice/meter/whatever that makes all slam sound like slam come from?

      1. Asdf

        If it weren’t for Buddy and one or two other “Slam Poets” that don’t use this exact same tone I’d say that all this shit sounds the same.

        1. Chomp

          It makes sense that it bothers you, but a lot of poets try to get rid of it. It’s a difficult process. If it’s that much of a problem for you, I urge you to try and listen to the content rather than the form. Also, I’m a little confused why “slam poets” is in quotes.

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