Callin’ Fo Yo Cameras: Were you there last night?

Old-school pic of Mad Wow, cuz' we got no new-school pics.

So, last night staple Wes-bands Mad Wow and WordSmith & the Concert G’s played their last show ever at Beckham Hall. (Until some sort of reunion occurs, I would expect.) And heck, it was pretty damn great.

But there was this massive impromptu after-party walkabout thing that happened after that, you see, where a good portion of the horn section took to the streets of Wesleyan blarin’ out tunes in Mardi Gras-esque fashion. Weskids were dancin’ up and down the street, mobs were mobbin’, and PSafe cars passed by probably quite unsure as to whether the whole thing was an infraction of school regulations or not.

And it was fun, man. It was so fun A-Batte punched me in the face without knowing it, and I didn’t know it ’til I woke up this morning with a strange lump on my left cheek.

But here’s the problem: In all that grand revelry, my Wesleying associates and I didn’t manage to snap any pictures, videos, or any sort of documentation of this wild, wild thing. And we’d like very much to digitally immortalize that mobile street party, ya know?

So if you were there, at that show, at that party, and if you have pictures or videos or some sort of chalk etching of it all that you’d like to share, do send us a copy over at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. If you’d like the transfer to be simpler, you can arrange a super-duper-cool drop off with us. Email us and we’ll figure out something. We can’t give you cash or anything, but we can give you our love.


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