Wes EarthFest Coverage by Middletown Patch

Middletown Patch offers up some video and news coverage of Friday’s first Wes Earth Day celebration on Foss, which featured performances by Bones Complex and Men With Bad Manners:

Guilmette said mostly everything came together without a hitch — save for the sound system. But that was quickly resolved and the first student band, Men With Bad Manners, took the stage with a slow reggae tune.

Wesleyan Farmers Market organizers Danny O’Donnell, ’14, and Olivia May, ’14, offered warm, just-blended samples of almond-walnut butter on slices of banana or apple.

The event ran from 3-6 p.m. and proceeds from the gently used clothing sale and silk-screened T-shirts benefitted the CT Fund for the Environment.

Photos + full story here. Video after the jump.

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8 thoughts on “Wes EarthFest Coverage by Middletown Patch

  1. Environmentalist!

    Let’s pump even more electricity and paper products into next year’s EarthFest! Hell, let’s even add some disposable plastics to the lineup and use a few gallons of propane to grill our tofu dogs (soy imported from South America/Asia and processed in the US).

    1. Anon

      the only electricity was for the band and blender. there were no tofu dogs. there were few paper products. lots of the stuff was reused (the clothes and pots for the basil planting) and the farmers market people mostly just handed you the banana or apple slice without a plate or utensils.

      stop being such a downer. corey could have used help planning this, he and his group put a lot of time into it. you were more than welcome to help out and contribute your environmental concerns before the event. hell, you’re more than welcome to be the coordinator for it next year.

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