Feminist Lunch Lecture Series Presents: Jennifer Tucker

Anonymous submission, feminist rendition:

The Camera as Witness:  Feminists Theorize Photography

From Virginia Woolf to Ariella Azoulay, feminist scholars and artists have engaged with issues raised by photography’s role in society. This talk argues that we need feminist tools for analyzing photography and focuses on three domains (war photography, medical photography and family portraiture) as areas where feminists offer novel insights into how images function in the world. Looking at and discussing a handful of photographs,  we will explore the positive and negative powers of photography and the challenges new image technologies pose for feminist theory and practice.

FREE LUNCH + the FGSS class you always wanted to take!!

Organized by FemNet, Sponsored by the FGSS Dept., the Adelphic Educational Fund, WesWell and SALD.

Date: April 26
Time: Noon – 1:00 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge

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