PCU vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Google Fight

Sorry, PCU fans. The Google gods have spoken, and Bisexual Asian Studies is getting the ax:

Despite PCU‘s well-deserved domination on Wesleying’s poll last month [click and scroll for archived results], Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc [sic] is the official pick for Movie Night on Foss this Friday.  (Maybe this is a more esoteric version of Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?) Get ready to “eat, drink, smoke, and be merry” (hey hey, there, WSA):

The WSA and the Film Board will be co-sponsoring a Movie Night on Foss Hill this Friday. We have contracted a giant 2000sqft screen—the same used for the TriBeCa film festival—and an awesome 4500-watt sound system! The feature presentation, as selected in a school-wide vote, will be:

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc

So bring your friends and a blanket to Foss Hill where you can finally eat, drink, smoke, and be merry with an awesome movie on a beautiful spring evening.

The film will be played at 8PM on Foss Hill this Friday (4/29).

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12 thoughts on “PCU vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Google Fight

  1. Danny Graves

    The important thing is that PCU didn’t win. As anyone who has actually seen the movie will tell you, it totally blows. Apparently you can’t just remake Animal House every decade and still have it be awesome.

  2. Ayn Rand

    The rights to Raiders were unavailable, so they’ll be showing the knock-off Mexican version, Raiders of the Lost Arc.

  3. cribbles

    hahaha as if a majority actually voted for indiana jones

    it’s so obvious film board invoked veto over the winner. if they really cared about transparency they would have made the results viewable earlier than 2039. the decision came down to a mix of their budget and personal taste

    film board: if i’m totally wrong and bullshitting and don’t know what i’m talking about, then release the votes

    1. Anon

      The entire idea of the Foss movie night came from the WSA. The Film Board only agreed to it because of the large amount of funding the WSA provides for the Film Series. I know that several members of the Film Board are very upset that Raiders of the Lost Ark (that’s the real title) “won” the vote.

        1. Anon

          Wait until you see a DVD blown up onto a 2000 sq ft screen. You won’t believe how bad a movie can look.

          1. Anon

            Doesn’t exist. Like all of Lucasfilm’s productions, the home video releases are very late.

      1. anonymous

        Raiders is a great movie and perfect for a movie night on Foss. If this is true the film board needs to get their heads out of their asses

        1. Anon

          The board wanted to show it on the real film series, not off a DVD blown up on an inflatable screen on Foss.

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