More Feet Floxes Coverage

Congratulations again to MuHo residents on their performance last night of FleeFo’s 2008 self-titled debut. Earlier today, we threw a “White Winter Hymnal” video your way. Below, check out some still photos of the event.

Also also also: according to our exciting new poll, many (okay, 31) of you want to hear Music House perform Speakerboxxx/The Love Below next year. I’m pretty down with that. Anyone know if Lil Jon’s available?

Actually, though, what do you want to hear MuHo play next year? My poll’s a little farfetched, and despite my sincerest wishes, it probably won’t be Trout Mask Replica.  So weigh in with your own ideas in the comments. It’s never too early to start savagely dismissing other people’s taste.

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[images via R. Pincus ’10 +3]

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37 thoughts on “More Feet Floxes Coverage

  1. guest

    thanks you so. so. much for putting tago mago on the list. even though no one will vote for it.

    1. Will

      That was Adrien. Come see him play at least six sets with at least four different bands over the course of the next three days (not kidding).

      1. Anonymous

        Ólafur Arnalds – Eulogy for Evolution
        Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest (to keep it Pitchfork-chic)
        GY!BE – Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada
        pretty much any Stars of the Lid album
        Radiohead – In Rainbows
        Andrew Bird – Weather Systems

        Upon reflection, just go with Weather Systems.

    1. Moog

      yeah, apparently you can’t please everybody. huge surprise. that poll was actually the only good wesleying poll this year

      I’d be down with Tago Mago. can’t see the Kraftwerk album working though.

      off the top of my head: Loveless (so many doubled/tripled guitar parts), Hissing Fauna (vox harmonies, lots of different instruments). Enter the 36 Chambers could be hilarious if they pulled it off; could easily be terrible though. idk it’s hard to choose an album that that many people can play and still feel useful. someone should recommend some jazz; I would but i’m a philistine

      1. Moog

        ps i’m just gonna go ahead and say Feels so we can get this off our chests. think about ittt

      2. Guest

        I’m sorry I don’t flaunt the fact that I listen to relatively obscure music in a public forum. Please listen to whatever you want, but it’s pretty damn pretentious to boast about it in this way. You are not better than everyone for knowing what “Psychocandy” is, and even if that wasn’t your intention, that’s the way its coming across.

        If Music House played Zaireeka next year, I’m sure the 10 people that voted for it would be thrilled, but just about everyone else would consider it a failure, at least in terms of crowd response. The reason they play Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes is because its music most people know, and the reason most people know it is because its relatively simplistic and easy to listen to.

        1. Zach

          Virtually all the music listed in these comments (or in the poll) are significantly acclaimed and influential records from the past few decades of pop and indie music (Metal Machine Music = joke entry). My intention was to solicit reader ideas, and also to encourage next year’s Music House to dig deeper and attempt something more challenging and controversial than Fleet Foxes. (And maybe turn audiences on to something new in the process.) No one’s flaunting anything.

          It’s fine if you prefer albums that are “relatively simplistic and easy to listen to.” Post some ideas of your own.

          1. Guest

            “Significantly acclaimed and influential” does not necessarily mean well known. What album critics grab on to can and often is different from what is appealing to the masses, making it obscure (read: many of these albums). There are albums (such as Speakerboxxx/The Love Below) that are acclaimed both critically and popularly, and I would argue that those are what music house should be playing.

          2. Zach

            It certainly does mean well known, but to a slightly different demographic than generic-college-student-who-listens-to-Fleet-Foxes. That’s not “the masses,” and your argument is too relativist (what’s “obscure” to one audience is instantly familiar to another) to be taken seriously.

            I’d prefer to hear Music House play something more interesting and maybe even ridiculous. We’re not going to agree. I’m okay with that.

          3. Guest

            Unfortunately, the “generic-college-student-who-listens-to-Fleet-Foxes” is… well… your generic college student, meaning that playing things ze wouldn’t know is playing obscure music, if only obscure to the generic college student. My point is, there is a mainstream. You know this, and you were purposefully choosing albums outside of it (except for Outkast, which is why it won by a landslide).

            I understand if you want Music House to try something new, but Wesleying doesn’t exist for you to live out your fantasies. It is for the entire student body, and although you may have been happy with them performing any of those albums, the Wes student body clearly was not. You obviously know a lot about music, and as such, I”m sure you were aware of this. Go talk to people in Music House and tell them what you think. In the meantime, the “generic-college-student” will vote in your public polls.

          4. Zach

            Two last points, then I’m out:

            1) Wesleying absolutely is a forum to stir discussion, as this thread did, about student life at Wes. It always has been. Those aren’t “fantasies”—they’re called opinions.
            2) Talking about music at Wes in terms of a “mainstream” and “everything outside of it” is astoundingly reductive. People listen to (and perform, and talk about, and play on WESU) an incredible variety of music at this school (and yes, plenty of people did vote for things besides the Outkast album).

          5. Guest

            I agree that Wesleying is a forum to stir discussion and that this thread is a good example. However, seeing as you’re the one who sets the rules here, I’d ask you to be more mindful of the audience Wesleying is here to stimulate. The poll clearly marginalized a lot of people. That is not discussion; that is you deciding what you want to hear and putting it into a poll. Speaking as somebody who did not know most of those albums, I felt like my taste is music was invalid. We don’t need to discuss this anymore if you don’t want to, but I’d just ask that in the future, you be more mindful when making these decisions.

          6. Zach

            Hey—I understand your complaint. But you’re willfully ignoring that I put this post up along with the poll, very explicitly inviting you [Wesleying readers in general] to throw in your own ideas [with the intention of changing up the poll with reader submissions]. That *is* discussion. To think a single poll could feasibly represent everyone’s tastes is, I think, absurd—I realized that, and purposefully opened up general discussion. You’re welcome to participate in that discussion instead of anonymously complaining about a poll that has long since been replaced with ideas from that discussion.

          7. Guest

            Zach, I already told you that I agree with the purpose of this thread, and obviously it’s impossible to validate everyone’s musical tastes in 10 options. That’s not my point. You created the original poll with no input from Wesleying readers, and until you initiated this discussion a few days afterwards, it appeared as an authoritative measurement of musical appreciation. That made those of us who were unfamiliar with that music (which, as it turns out, was most of us) feel out of the loop. The reason I felt like you were being pretentious is because you are in a place of authority and have the ability to impose your opinions here, moreso than other students.

            Clearly, this thread has been a better forum for discussion than the poll itself. I would suggest that a poll is not where this question should be posed, but a poll whose options are provided by the student body is more appropriate than a poll whose options are provided by a single individual, so thank you.

            I’m not asking for an apology or for you to change up the poll again; I’m asking you to be aware of how your authority on Wesleying affects its readers. Once again, I doubt that your intention was to make us feel inferior, and I don’t claim to speak for everybody, but I’m making you aware of how I (and certainly others) received it.

          8. Zach

            False: the discussion went up the same afternoon as the poll. (And we’ve put together every other poll “with no input from Wesleying readers”; I can’t fathom how you expect us to operate a silly anonymous poll whose answer choices are very frequently facetious and whose results have no bearing on anything except itself.)

            Lastly, my “place of authority” to “impose my opinions” is open to absolutely any student interested in contributing to this blog (who can also contribute to the poll feature). Seriously—just email us: staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. There’s no big tyranny. I promise.

          9. Guest

            Regardless of how much time elapsed, you put up this poll with no input from students seemingly for your own amusement. Yes, you have never before had input from students, but that’s a function of the form of most Wesleying polls which have generally not been speculative; they asked about events of the past weekend, break, etc..

            As you said, you chose the albums you did because you wanted music house to play something “more interesting and maybe even ridiculous.” Thus, the albums you chose were “more interesting and maybe even ridiculous,” by your standards at least. The albums you chose reflected your personal preferences, and people clearly did not feel well represented. That should not be the purpose of the poll. It is public.

            I’m sorry if you misunderstood my point on authority. You run Wesleying. You ultimately get to choose what get’s put up, and what gets put is “official” by Wesleying standards. Wesleying is supposed to represent the student body, and that is where your authority is derived from.

          10. Zach

            You think I put the poll up “for my own amusement” or to marginalize students. Sorry to have caused offense.

            I think I put the poll up to spur discussion here and encourage people to think diversely about music (the poll includes choices from Outkast to Captain Beefheart; this thread runs the gamut from Ólafur Arnalds to the Monks; see my point? there’s lots of music in this thread, and some of it you haven’t heard of, and that doesn’t mean anyone is trying to insult you), and also for the hell of it, because Wesleying polls are almost always fairly frivolous/irreverent/spur-of-the-moment/in-no-way-intended-to-be-regarded-as-serious-surveys (getting crunk, much?). Again: of course the albums I chose reflected some personal preferences: how could they not? That’s true of every poll and every music-related post and every non-event post. You acknowledge that “it’s impossible to validate everyone’s musical tastes in 10 options,” then criticize it for failing to accomplish just that.

            Wesleying is not “supposed to represent the student body.” Wesleying represents Wesleying—a totally unaffiliated blog about student life at Wes, with a staff of student bloggers who bring their own individual thoughts and interests and campus experiences and biases to the site—and the opportunity to shape what that is is open to anyone interested in blogging. You don’t represent Wesleying’s readers as a single entity, but you’re welcome to become part of Wesleying if you feel unrepresented.

            This is my last reply here. Email me or approach me in person if you have more thoughts.

          11. Guest

            “Significantly acclaimed and influential” does not necessarily mean well known. What album critics grab on to can and often is different from what is appealing to the masses, making it obscure (read: many of these albums). There are albums (such as Speakerboxxx/The Love Below) that are acclaimed both critically and popularly, and I would argue that those are what music house should be playing.

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