From the Argives: PCU Lost the “Movie Night on Foss” Vote…

But at least we’ll always have fond memories of Spring 1994, when the film’s opening on the Wesleyan Film Series incited a gigantic mob scene outside the CFA cinema.

No, really. Click image to enlarge:

Apparently life was different before movie torrents and Instant Netflix. Key quote:

At about 6:30, those caught near the end of the roughly 300-student line began making plans to rush the doors as soon as they opened. The rush started at about 6:45, even though the doors had not opened, and students remained packed around the cinema until Public Safety began admitting students one-by-one well after 7:00.


Footage of the chaos was captured on video and given to Fox for promotion efforts and to MTV.

Yes, you read that correctly. Footage was given to Fox not for news purposes, but for promotion efforts. THIS MOVIE IS RELLE KEWL IT INCITED A RIOT AT WEZLEYIN GO SEE IT NOW.

And then everyone watched the movie and was maybe thrilled or shocked or mildly underwhelmed and President Chace moderated a forum with the film’s writers, producer, and director (all alums), which I would kill to have seen, and jokingly revoked their diplomas. (“Artistically, it does not have much to offer,” commented then-Acting Dean of the College Krishna Winston.) Appropriately enough, that was the same year cameo-happy George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic played Spring Fling.

Original 1994 Argus article continues here. You can also read two opposing Wespeaks–one condemning the riot, other declaring it a “rockin’ good time”–here and here, respectively.

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