bUTTErkNiFe PrESenTs ::: DROne SET 1 & 2

New Wes music. New tangentially unrelated images. New experimental sounds from the fluid Butterknife collective. Go to Bandcamp for the blissfully free downloads!

Here are my impressions of Drone set I, which clocks in at 23:32:

  • Holy shit, I’m in space!
  • Much more variable than what I usually expect of drones.
  • Why do I even have a set of expectations for drones?
  • ak;jviji;dk;vvvvvv

Thoughts on Drone set II and some words from Butterknife on the creative process follow.

Drone set II (8:10):

  • A more hypnotic loop nature than I remember from the first.
  • Trying to decide whether the term “organic” is appropriate or not.
  • Is there really an end to this?
  • What is a man?
    • A miserable little pile of tones.

For something more comprehensible, we turn to the collective itself:

Butterknife was once a band with Jon Myers ’11, Hannah Overton ’11, and Owen Callahan ’12 who played shows last spring and Buddhist house and Earth House.  Since dispanded, butterknife has taken on other forms, including the running of free imrpovisation sessions in Zelnick Pavilion last Fall.  Now, this is the next butterknife iteration.  This was recorded in the Electronic Music Studio in the CFA (RH105) on Thursday, 4/21 between 12:00 and 2:00 AM.  Hannah Overton and Jon Myers were the only students involved, thought his is the second in a series of drone experiments taking place this spring.  (The first was between myself and Matt Bernstein ’11 [of flora and fauna], clips of which appear in Brian Velsor ’11‘s senior thesis film.)   Hannah improvised on the analog synthesizer.  The output was recorded, and fed out to a series of delay, distortion, and wah pedals, which I improvised on to create the other track.  The whole process was done live, neither of us being able to hear exactly what the other was creating.

[Remember, kids – don’t blog and semilucid dream at the same time.]

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