Donate Points to Food Not Bombs Summer Wishlist

Echoing from last year:

Let’s get real for a minute: The spring semester is coming close to an end. For many, this is reflected in a very declined balance of Monopoly money points on the ol’ Wescard. But as always, there are others who have found themselves with quite an excess, and have no idea how to spend it all before the semester ends (unlike M-town Ca$h, this Wes-specific currency won’t roll over from year to year).

In our busy lives of studying and reading Wesleying, it can be hard to find the time and energy to get rid of those pesky extra points. But worry no longer, comrades, for hope has arrived! There is now a quick and easy solution that feels just as great as a full work-out!

…And perhaps in this context: FOOD NOT POINTS.

What better way to spend fake money that will otherwise go to waste, and can only (for the most part) be spent on food anyhow? If you donate some of your excess to Food Not Bombs, studies have shown that your summer will be 100% FUN. Perhaps you have seen the box outside of Weshop where you can donate non-perishables to FNB. This is great for those “on-the-go” donations. However, another option is available: Putting any number of points you wish towards items on the Food Not Bombs WesHop Wishlist.

Tuesday is the last day to place bulk and special orders from Weshop, and special arrangements have been made with the staff so that you can help FNB purchase all of the best non-perishables to be cooked all summer long! All you have to do is let the cashier know that you’d like to make a donation to Food Not Bombs, and the number of points you would like to donate. Those points will be deducted from your balance and added towards the FNB bulk order. It’s really that simple.

The deadline to donate points is Tuesday, May 3 at 7pm, so get over there soon. This is a really easy and effective way to convert your own excess (of points) into food for people who might not have access otherwise. Even though many of us leave for the summer, hunger never stops for many people in Middletown. It’s a global issue and it’s right here; as far as humans go, the need to eat is pretty darn universal. So do whatcha can: Food Not Points!

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3 thoughts on “Donate Points to Food Not Bombs Summer Wishlist

  1. Dan

    Woops. The donation is open till next Tuesday (5/3), not just tonight and tomorrow. Thanks for catching our blunder. And thanks for considering donating!

  2. want to do this

    I’m confused. It says the deadline is 5/3 but it also says this option is only available tonight and tomorrow. which is it?

  3. Steve

    great idea. i will donate. but the post is WAY TOO LONG AND CONFUSING.

    before the jump, it should say:

    To donate points to Food Not Bombs: just tell Weshop cashier and say how many.
    Deadline 5/3 7pm.

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