It’s Time For The Wesleyan Melodrama Ya’ll

The time is nigh for the 2011 Wesleyan Melodrama, the annual spaghetti western that never takes itself seriously. You will be hot, you will be cold, you will be yes, you will be no and you will certainly be sticky.  So mosey on down to the Nic Lounge at 9PM, Thursday April 28h, Friday the 29th, and Saturday the 30th!!

No tickets needed. Two marshmallows provided per audience member, so bring your own if you want to increase your chances at audience-actor interactions.

And please know, audiences are expected to come rowdy. So bring it. Yeehaw.

Written By: Arie Levine ’11, Eli Timm ’13, and Sarah Wolfe ’12
Music and Lyrics By: Ross Shenker ’11 and Emma Daniels ’13
Directed By: Arie Levine ’11 and Eli Timm ’13
Featuring: Aaron Melendez ’11, Ross Shenker ’11, Abby Horton ’11, Liz Valentin ’11, Ben Carman ’11, Justin Schwartz ’11, Emma MacLean ’14, Christine Treuhold ’13, Dan O’Sullivan ’11, and Margot Boyer-Dry ’11

  • Date: Thursday April 28th, Friday April 29th, and Saturday April 30th
  • Time: 9PM
  • Location: The Nic Lounge
  • Cost: Free
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