REALLY SOON: Amor Revolucionario: Documentary Screening

Statistically speaking, you probably haven’t made as many movies en español as Cara Tratner ’12 has. One of them is screening in Fisk in about half an hour:

Paulo Freire says that education is “an act of revolutionary love,” and for the students in a small group of alternative schools in Buenos Aires this becomes their reality. This short documentary tells the story of the escuelas de reingreso (“re-entry schools”) which reject the failing traditional model of secondary education by creating an inclusive institutional culture that helps former drop-outs return to finish high school and reintegrate themselves into society. Come see a humanizing vision of an education which fights to transform societal conditions instead of reproducing inequalities, and defends the right of every person to choose their own school, their own future, and their own happiness.

[Filmed in Spanish, with English subtitles]

Hit it up on the ‘book here.

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