Static Stamina Ends; Weekend of Insanity Begins

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We don’t really post Weekend Roundups anymore (why would we?–that’s what the event calendar’s for), but holy-god this weekend is nuuuuts:

If you don’t break any bones, you’re probably not paying attention.

But tonight’s Static Stamina show (at Malcolm X House, featuring ska-punkers Aaron Burr & the Hamiltones and Dink-583) is a little more poignant. Because I met some fellow wide-eyed frosh during freshman orientation, and they decided to start a band, and named it Static Stamina one aimless Friday night in the Butt C lounge, and soon I parted ways, but that band has spent the past four semesters injecting some hardcore energy into Wes’s music scene, treading a thin line between rock, hip hop, performance art, and sheer vulgarity, and it’s been a hell of a trip, and now, tonight, it’s all coming to an end (or indefinite hiatus, whatever). And that means farewell shows from Static Stamina and Wordsmith and Mad Wow all in the same week, and then Flora & Fauna mostly graduates after they play Spring Fling, and Bones Complex goes on hiatus, and The Japanese is taking a break (I think?) (that’s assuming they even survive opening for Lightning Bolt), and AARGGH WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO WESLEYAN’S STUDENT MUSIC  SCENE??

Right. More specific info about tonight’s show after the jump.

Will F. ’13 writes:

The end of Static Stamina is imminent. No one knows what the future will hold for us after most of us go abroad next semester. So we’re going to go hard one more time for you guys before it’s all over.

You will probably leave this equally wet from sweat and tears, and by the end everyone in the audience will be best friends. That’s the goal. Come party with us and join us in a massive group hug. New song(s?), old songs, special guests! To start thing off, we got:

Also, Will’s gonna turn 20 at the end of this show. FREE SHOW.

Date: Tonight
Time: 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Static to take the stage around 10:30)
Place: Malcolm X House (345 High Street, right by the Davidson Health Center)
Cost: $0.00

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