Insanity Weekend: Lightning Bolt at Eclectic


Birthed out of Rhode Island School of Design sometime in the ’90s, Lightning Bolt consists of Brian on (cello-tuned) bass and Brian on drums. They play fast and furious noise [rock], and they play it loud – so loud I invested in some earplugs this morning (two for a buck at the Cardinal Technology Store!). I fully expect things to get real crazy real fast, though it remains to be seen if they will generate more sweat than Static Stamina did in Malcolm X House’s basement last night.

As for the opening acts,The Japanese, who are in the running for the busiest band on campus this year (also contenders: fall semester Almonds and Elephants, Grandfather last weekend), are sharing that role with raucous punk duo The Parents, who are filling in for raucous punk quartet Miami Heat. Be there. Instead of marking shots on your arm, have someone sharpie your forehead for every bruise/sprain/hairline fracture/sickening crunch you sustain. Spoilers: You’ll get a metric shit-ton.

Content from the opening acts, a color poster, and possibly more in the mysterious land beyond the jump…

Here’s some more footage of Lightning Bolt coming dangerously close to inciting a stampede. Note that they prefer to play on equal footing with the crowd, in the middle of the god damn room, which kind of raises the bar on what counts as “in-your-face” these days.

The Japanese have been fairly well-documented around here, but in case you’ve missed some of it, here are a few highlights:

The Parents are harder to pin down, and I mean that in terms of Wesleyan online media presence, musical style, and wrestling prowess all at once. My best attempt to summarize their live sets would probably sound something like “Charlie Ellis ’13 and Ethan Cohen ’13 are out of their freaking minds.” If you end up raging too hard tonight and don’t remember their set at all, rage just as hard tomorrow at PNK@DKE for a second chance!

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4 thoughts on “Insanity Weekend: Lightning Bolt at Eclectic

  1. Zach

    Repost (from Xue) because HOLY SHIT LIGHTNING BOLT:

    As far as I know Lightning Bolt has never played at Wesleyan. I heard rumors at some point while I was there that students kept trying to book them and they would be agree but on insane contingencies– like, “Yeah, we’ll play Wesleyan, but only if you dig us a 6’x6’x6′ pit on Foss Hill to play in”. I heard that story a couple of times, actually, and each time most of the listeners would laugh but there would always be one guy who would get a crazy look in his eyes and be like “WHO TOLD YOU THAT GIVE ME A SHOVEL I WILL FUCKING DIG THE PIT RIGHT NOW”

  2. cribbles

    I can’t believe Lightning Bolt are actually playing here. Jesus. Kudos to whoever booked that.

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