Internet Outage Postpones Other Internet Outage Intended to Actually Make Internet Faster

Last month, we excitedly posted about a substantial increase in internet connection speed. The announcement promised improvement, but requested patience in its implementation:

We are therefore pleased to announce that Wesleyan has changed providers and is moving from a 200MB line to 1000MB line.  This substantial increase should satisfy the needs of every student.  The contract for this deal has been signed. However, a change of this magnitude requires a great deal of work, so we ask for your patience.

Thanks to yesterday’s two-hour outage (caused by a “critical switch malfunction”), turns out we’ll have to be a little more patient than we thoughtand a little more patient than Wesleyan’s academic calendar allows. If I’m reading this all-campus email correctly, preparations for the new bandwidth have now been rescheduled for May 14, the day university housing closes at noon:

Tomorrow’s scheduled network maintenance has been rescheduled to Saturday, May 14.  Because of the follow-up work that needs to be completed from last night’s outage, we have decided to postpone the preparations for the new bandwidth and consolidate to a single downtime window.

You summer-session kids better get ready to stream YouTube like it’s 2004-2008 or something. The rest of us are waiting till the fall.


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10 thoughts on “Internet Outage Postpones Other Internet Outage Intended to Actually Make Internet Faster

  1. Voice Of Reason

    1) Yesterday’s outage had nothing to do with the increase in bandwidth. From the emails sent over the past day, it sounds like a physical piece of equipment failed and required a couple hours to manually fix to get the servers back online.

    2) The switch to higher bandwidth, as often noted in emails and in the Argus, was unlikely to come very much before the end of the year anyway. It seemed like there was a hope that it would happen sometime around now (a mere two weeks before we all go home mind you), but it wasn’t expected to come in time to really affect the majority of our streaming, torrenting, etc. that we so very much enjoy doing at this academic institution.

    1+2=3) The fact that there was a switch problem so near to the same time as the planned preparation for the upgrade to higher bandwidth is unfortunate because it delays the upgrade by maybe a few days. Sorry. ITS seems to be prioritizing uninterrupted internet over doing work to prepare for a future faster internet connection (which entails leaving us with a high risk of more unexpected 2-hour interruptions). Guess we’ll have to wait and go home to our quite possibly faster internet connections and stream from there.

    4) One comment about this Wesleying post (specifically to “Zach”):
    You write this article as an opinion piece. Although it does represent quite a bit of the sentiment of the Wesleyan community, it is not, in my (ironically) opinion, befitting of the style of a Wesleying piece. The slant of this piece would be better suited for the ACB or the Argus Opinion column. Please bring it there. I greatly enjoy the to-the-point articles that Wesleying contributers tend to post, and I don’ t appreciate this one.


    -Voice of Reason

      1. Other Wesleyan Students

        This is both disturbing and pitiful. Why, every time someone disagrees with a popular Wesleyan student body opinion, is there someone posting a silly indication that that person is not part of the Wesleyan student body? I can just feel the anger towards “Voice of Reason” as well as myself and any other student who feels that this “sucky internet” issue is being taken to a whole new level of bitchyness and waste of time. Seriously, aren’t there better things to complain about?

    1. Ayn Rand

      Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. Also, I don’t think you have any idea what an opinion piece is.

    2. Anonymous

      As a self-described Voice Of Reason, it seems odd that you would try to say this post doesn’t belong here, especially in light of the influence of your own self-interest. My inclination is to believe that since this piece doesn’t tell the “full story” (and thanks for that; I learned a lot from 3/4 of your comment), it’s not worthy of posting here. But we’re *bloggers*! For the most part, we’re not ITS staffers, Concert/Social Committee members, Senior Cocks organizers, or anonymous commenters, and I’m surprised that you would (again, presumably) expect us to act as if we were.

      But you can skip all that if you want and just read anon’s reply to your post. That students might not be happy to learn the internet upgrade is getting delayed isn’t even explicitly stated, which to me comes off as remarkably LESS opinionated than Wesleying typically would be.

      tl;dr it’s weird to think that 1-3 and 4 are parts of the same whole. Actually, fuck it; since I’m already writing a wall of text:

      1) Where did anyone even imply they believed the outage was somehow caused by the upcoming upgrade?
      2) Mmkay, but that doesn’t change that the entire student body was sent an email stating that we could expect this morning “the major portion of the work required for our upgrade to the new Internet connection” to be done.
      3) Again, who is saying *anywhere* that ITS made the wrong decision? This all seems rather unnecessarily defensive.

      I’m not sure why I’m writing this; I don’t even feel that strongly about the actual news announcement. I’m mostly just confused.

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