Last Chance to Submit Wespeaks

From A. R. Gus ’68:

Are you there, Martin Benjamin?

It’s me, Argus.

Tomorrow is your last chance of the semester to submit Wespeaks! Air your grievances via the Argus website (there’s a link on the right side of the page) or just e-mail argus(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with “WESPEAK” in the subject line.

In other exciting Argus-related news, the Argus archives—which date back to 1868 and are available in print form on Olin Floor 3A—are finally being digitized as soon as this summer, thanks to funding from the WSA’s Campus Initiative Fund. Executive Editor Lydia Tomkiw ’11’s “Editor’s Notebook” column has the details:

The final product will be fully searchable, including photo captions and advertisements, and will display both zoomable PDF images of full pages and easy to read search highlights. Photos of the Grateful Dead playing on Foss and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking to students will be available. Articles on Wesleyan’s first experience with co-education and the Vanguard class will be easily accessible. Advertisements from the 1950s for cigarettes and jobs at companies that no longer exist will also be available online for the Wesleyan community and beyond. If you want to remember the name of that band that played at Eclectic when you were a freshman, you will be able to easily search for the information.


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