Former Wes-student and budding NY politician found dead

A quick call-out of thanks to the anonymous tipster who wrote in to inform us about this tragic loss – as a public space of this community, we will honor and remember all those who are and were part of the Wesleyan family.

Last Thursday, Hope Reichbach ’10 (former) was found dead in her Boerum Hill apartment from what authorities believe was an accidental overdose of medication. She was 22 years old, and was a staffer of NY City Council member Steve Levin (D- Brooklyn Heights).

According to the tipster, Hope came here to Wes for her freshman year before transferring out to NYU. Many of her close friends were of our Class of 2010.

The many write-ups about her that have come out in the past few days are clear and unified in the understanding of her legacy: Hope was an inspirational figure, a rising star, and a wholly wonderful individual.

It’s difficult to put a post like this together – there’s absolutely nothing one can say with any meaning or depth, with any skill or legitimacy perhaps, to adequately address a loss of this manner. All that can be said is that we are truly sorry to hear of this, and that we mourn for a life lost far too soon.

Coverage here and here and here.

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11 thoughts on “Former Wes-student and budding NY politician found dead

  1. Anon

    This is very sad. I think it might be nice to also call to attention the passing of some of the older alumni, who I’m sure have lead interesting lives, too.

    As for the other commenters, some of you are really evil people.

    1. sad compounded

      if you cannot care about the loss of a caring young person with hope for the future, have you checked to see if you yourself still have a pulse?
      go read some poetry (maybe no man is an island) and see if it rings a bell

    2. anon

      Really? christian clean-cut po’ boy without a heart? never lost no one? shut the f-ck up.

  2. Jarbles

    There is no reason for this to be here. She wasn’t happy here, and transferred. We should let her rest in peace. Very few here actually new here. A Very loose affiliation to the university.

    1. i did

      and this is barely necessary either. she went here, some of us did know her, and this is insensitive.

    2. anonymous

      You are foolish and there is no need for this comment. She had many friends in my class (2010) and left to pursue local New York interests. You really consider a year enrolled as a “loose” affiliation?

      She had a wonderful time at Wesleyan. She was incredibly kind, dynamic, welcoming, and she was incredibly loyal. She also had a SERIOUS shoe collection! I am totally impressed with the path that she was on, and the fact that she ODed on her own prescribed drugs is a tragedy. It was an accident. And I have no idea why you seem to be implying that drawing public attention and sympathy towards this untimely death should in any way interfere with her “resting in peace.” What is with you? How is this public recognition possibly a bother to you?

    3. anonymous

      “new here”. Maybe nobody at Wes “new here” but plenty of people “knew her”. She was a part of the community as much as any illiterate poster who may or may not be currently enrolled.

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