Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight

Jesse Friedman ’11 writes in:

Come celebrate the end of classes and see the shadow cast performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show this Wednesday, May 4 in Exley 150. Pre-show at 11:30pm. Show begins at midnight.  Lingerie is highly encouraged.

Date: May 4 (today!)
Time: 11:30 PM – 2:00 AM
Place: Exley 150
Cost: Free

Cast details after the jump.


Becky Eidelman-Janet Weiss
Chelsea Goldsmith-Brad Majors
Tennesse Mowrey-Riff Raff
Jesse Friedman-Magenta
Miche Aaron-Columbia
Jocelyn Spencer-Rocky
Bianca Treto-Eddie
Sarah Marmon-Dr. Scott
Rachel Santiago, Libby Lazare, Jillian Ruben-Trannies

Sponsored by Second Stage

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