Morning, guys. It’s May 5, and—despite some potentially questionable weather actually, the weather is really nice—Spring Fling ’11 is hitting Foss in full force! Classes are over! Walkmen have a horn section! (Maybe: this rumor via text from A-Batte.) Whoo! Co-headliner Raekwon knows what’s good:

#ShawolinVsWutang, indeed. Wes-based opening act Flora & Fauna is expected to take the stage around 1:00 (that’s in a few minutes); Wavves is going on at 2:00, and apparently couldn’t sleep last night because he was so excited to be playing “Wesleyan college” today (is this really so hard?):

Also, consider this your friendly annual reminder to clean up your trash and keep the hill clean. Last year was kind of gross:

Dean Rick and Tim Shiner’s Spring Fling-related reminders follow after the jump. Enjoy Spring Fling, and be excellent to each other.

Reminders from Dean Rick and Tim Shiner:

Anyone who is 21 years of age and wants to consume alcohol at the event must present a valid government issued ID and a Wesleyan ID in order to obtain a wristband.  Anyone of legal age possessing or consuming alcohol without a wristband will be directed to obtain a wristband or dispose of the alcohol.  There is not cost to obtain a wristband.  Wristbands will be available at the ID checking locations around the hill.  In addition:

–              Bulk containers of alcohol, such as kegs, will not be allowed at Spring Fling.

–              Large coolers will be checked and turned away if they contain more alcohol than can be reasonably consumed by those in possession of it.

–           Students are not allowed on the stage. Having students on the stage endangers students as well as the sound equipment and performers. In addition,       performers have the right, by their contract, to stop performing if individuals climb on the stage. We ask for your assistance by staying off the stage to insure that this Spring Fling and future events aren’t cut short unnecessarily.

–           Only outdoor/lawn furniture will be allowed at Spring Fling.  Large pieces of furniture, such as couches, will not be allowed.

–           Anyone who violates the Code is subject to being referred to Student Judicial Board.

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    1. Aguu

      it doesn’t matter. he’ll be balls-deep in some eclectic groupie before the sun goes down.

  1. Aguu

    “wavveswavves WAVVES
    also thx to the college bros for the brownies and shit.”

    god, eclectic are such star-fuckers.

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