VD Presents: It’s Not Just Robin Who Sparkles…

Wesleyan’s only sketch-comedy / a cappella group hybrid Vocal Debauchery writes:

Dear Wesleyan:

We hear sequins are making that difficult transition from “night” to “day.” This might be tough for some of you to process; after all, they’re pretty sparkly. So we’re here to help ease the stress, by bringing sequins into that crucial “dusk-ish” time around 6:30 PM. Come join us for this very fashion-forward-y event. Oh and there will also be a cappella, sketch comedy, new members… but that’s not really the point.

Vocal Debauchery.

  • DATE: TODAY, Friday, May 6th
  • TIME: 6:30 – 7:30 pm
  • PLACE: Exley Lobby; Church Street Side (yet to be confirmed)
  • PRICE?: $100/person (babies get in at a reduced price of $97; this deal won’t last long!)

VD is: Kenny Feder ’12Jake Hunt ’12Chelsea Goldsmith ’13Jocelyn Spencer ’13Ben Tweed ’13Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Michael Deck ’14, Leada Fuller ’14Emily Jones ’14, Matt Krakaur ’14Cade Leebron ’14, Lisle Winston ’14.

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