Or, “Make some noise, Connecticut! I gotta catch a muhfuckin’ flight!”


The weather surprised us all, Walkmen and Ghost/Rae delivered the respective goods, and Wavves sort of maybe behaved himself (kinda). Belated congrats to Social Committee and all else involved in making this day not suck: u guys r da best, and this lineup fell into place quite smoothly.

Scroll for photos galore, and maybe even a video (quality may vary)!

First up, Wesleyan’s own Flora & Fauna entertained early-bird Foss Chillers starting at 1:00, nailing a half-hour set of the sort of tightly rehearsed, guitar-heavy garage-pop that won them this gig, including recent single releases “Want U 2 No” and “Continental Parties.” (For the uninitiated, Flora & Fauna  are Matt Bernstein ’11, Charlie Ellis ’13, Gabe Gordon ’11, Adam Gunther ’11, and Casey Baird. They’ve been around for a few years. They’re good! If you missed their set, it’s not too late to absolve your sins on the interwebz.)

Next, kewl Wavves wash over me:

If you were planning to get sloppy during Spring Fling, this set was probably your best option: hipsterific San Diego-based indie outfit plays loud, fast, obnoxious noise-pop, and plays it well, with emphasis on 2010’s infectious King of the Beach. Some would argue Nathan Williams’ off-stage antics overshadow his music, but the tunes are pretty fvvcking catchy. Here’s “King of the Beach,” via Carlo Francisco ’11:

Thirdly, indie veterans The Walkmen took the stage:

No frills for this one: the New York-based quintet has been around since Wavves was in middle school, and the khaki pants professionalism shows. Just thrilling, anthemic, guitar-driven indie-rock, spanning 2004’s fabulous Bows + Arrows (“The Rat” was a huge highlight) all the way to last year’s Lisbon. I’m pretty confident in calling Walkmen my favorite set of the day; that’s just one kid’s opinion, but if this poll is any indication, it may well be yours, too.

Finally, students swarmed Andrus Field as Wu-Tang veterans Ghostface Killah and Raekwon took the stage and, quote, “killed it,” end-quote:

Like Big Boi last year, Ghost/Rae set closed off the Fling as members of a legendary ’90s hip hop outfit riding on recent solo successes but still incorporating familiar classics from a heyday generations past. Unlike Big Boi last year, Ghostface told us he’d come back anytime! The grizzled Wu-Tang veterans littered their set with notable solo joints (“Cherchez La Ghost,” “Saturday Nite,” “R.A.G.U.”), but Wu-Tang classics “Bring Da Ruckus,” “Ain’t Nothin’ Ta Fuck Wit,” and ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” brought out the biggest crowd reaction. Here’s video of the latter:

Thoughts, opinions, reactions? Comment away. Full Fling gallery below. [These image files are lower-resolution so the damn site loads on AirWes, but hit me up if you want a larger file of any particular image via email.] [nggallery id=67]

[Hi-res artist closeups via Mike Nakhla ’13]
[Wu-Tang cell phone shots via Elizabeth Deatrick ’14]
[Wavves pic via Rachel Pincus ’13]
[Extra Walkmen/crowd pics (last six images) via Adrian Rothschild ’12]
[Wu-Tang crowd pics via Cassandra Day at Middletown Patch]

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  1. anon

    I understand its the best picture from the set, but I kind of wish that your picture for Raekwon/Ghostface’s set was of either Raekwon or Ghostface. Or at least acknowledge that the picture is of little-known or cared about Theodore Unit member Trife.

    1. Zach

      Consider it acknowledged. I didn’t take pictures of that set, but send us a better one (of Raekwon/Ghostface) and I’ll change it.

    2. Tony Starks

      “Peace to all single ladies/

      Struggle with a rough life/

      Baby daddy fronting? That aight/

      Check out my man Trife.”

      Given that Ghost himself holds Trife in high esteem (the line quoted above comes from “How You Like Me Baby” on Apollo Kids), I think it’s hardly fair to write the man off like that. His verse on “Biscuits” was tremendous.

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