This Living Room Release

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for! From Melanie Hsu ’13, regarding her newly-released album:

Dear Wesleyan,

Jared Paul ‘11 and I have been working on this album for about a year now in a cozy nook on Cross St. “This Living Room” is the archive of the first 20 years of my life. Each song holds stories of the people closest to me, of what my hands knew at the time of writing, of the moments that have moved me. This album is about coming to terms with my body, about what it can do, about what it can’t, about appreciating its growth and how much it has left to grow. It’s about celebrating my body as an archive of the people I’ve met and the ways that they’ve changed how I move, play and think.

This work is about collaboration, about the strength and fragility of human connections. (If you listen closely, you might hear familiar voices and hands from around campus). Wes, I really truly sincerely could not have done this without all of you, without all of your support and inspiration since the very moment I stepped onto this campus two years ago.

To cafés, living rooms, chapels and art galleries, thank you for listening.

With love, Mel Hsu

For the album: Click here

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3 thoughts on “This Living Room Release

  1. secco

    The Holder is stuck in my head. But I shouldn’t say stuck…its just pleasantly dwelling there.

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