Quasimodal End of the Year Concert

Quasi -> Todds ’11 -> our inbox -> this event post:

Come hear Quasi in our last concert of the year!!! It’s your last chance to hear our wonderful, incredible seniors:

Natasha Ye(rihanna)caris
Emily We(bareille)iss
Tim(berlake) Dodds
Max Yurkofs(kanye)y
Reu(buble)n Johnson
and Timur (Hannibal) Khanachet

sing at Wesleyan before they all get famous (so bring your autograph books and pens!). So take a nice little break while you study for finals to listen to some tunes for an hour or so. We know some of you haven’t met us yet (are YOU that somebody?), but come join us in our circle of life! If ya come round soon, we’ll cry you a river (there may even be sharks in the water!?). And don’t worry, we’ll turn up all of the lights just for the occasion.

Date: May 9
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel
Cost: Precious time you could be spending procrastinating by yourself.

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