BREAKING: Chalking Appropriated by the Capitalist Machine

So, does aversion to apathy to internet advertising count as an administrative 180?

[From the criminally underpublicized Wesleyan Community Blog]

A few items from when chalking was so obscure, you probably hadn’t heard about it anyway:

  • Wesleying’s own Holly (Wood ’08) waxin’ poetic, 1) in 2) chronological 3) order
  • Mikey Ro ’78 on the phenomenon, with a gigantic comment thread I’ll probably never read at no extra charge
  • Hermes‘ expansive chalking archive from 2002-2004
  • Tangential: Pictures from within Memorial Chapel and the Butts Tunnels
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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Chalking Appropriated by the Capitalist Machine

  1. Student

    Dear @Wesleyan:twitter,

    Stop appropriating and publicizing our “weirdness” and “activisty-ness” when it is convenient and profitable for you, and silencing and striking it down when it is directed towards you.



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