Procrastination Destination Doo Jure: Fuck Yeah Nouns

Fuck Yeah Nouns is fairly intuitive and fairly addictive. Made by some dudes for a hackathon, apparently, the site only asks that you enter a noun of some sort (the appetizer, if you will), which it perfectly pairs with an image (the entrée) and the titular phrase of jubilation (the “nice Chianti”). Have fun figuring out how it chooses the images.

I really don’t know what else to say, except maybe give a few nouns as examples. Try searching your name and your friends’ names to get the most out of your time! More graphics after the jump.

One of my favorite things to do with with this is to slightly alter your input each time to get results like this:

If you think this is stupid (fair enough) but still want to do something unproductive (also fair enough), feel free to check out our past PDs using the Procrastination Destination tag. If you’re getting back down to business, keep on truckin’.

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20 thoughts on “Procrastination Destination Doo Jure: Fuck Yeah Nouns

  1. Anonan

    the first picture in this post (fuck yeah wesleying) is of former Dean of the College Maria Cruz-Saco, back before the position was scrapped and replaced our “beloved” VP of Student Affairs Mike Whaley..

  2. what the fuck..

    i put in my dad’s name and got a picture of my mom standing in front of a giant stone elephant from their trip to south africa…. fucking WEIRD, where are these pictures from??

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