The Hellfire Club Presents “Opera House Lights”

A wild, unticketed, 30-minute “epilogue to Anthony Smith ’11’s time at Wes,” from the man himself:

Come see Sarah Wolfe ’12 and Joshua Margolin ’11 destroy the universe.

Wesleyan’s hottest opera is Opera House Lights. This show has everything–AIDS, machines, a robot bartender who makes you a martini, light, sound, a chorus of houseboys, academics, Eli Timm ’13 in sunglasses, fifteen minutes of nothing but nouns, and a thirty-minute runtime.

Sort of an epilogue to my time at Wes. One Night Engagement. Free. No need for tickets just show up fifteen minutes early to make sure you’ve a seat.

Date: Friday, May 13
Time: 8:00 – 8:30 PM
Place: ’92 Theater
Cost: Free, no tickets

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5 thoughts on “The Hellfire Club Presents “Opera House Lights”

  1. savvy

    it may have a chorus of houseboys, but i’m really just interested in a house of chorusboys.

  2. anonymous too

    can you make it later? so we can go out or make dinner and not have to rush? how about 9 pm?

    1. eeeeeeeeee

      what the fuck is wrong with people in this school? why do people always ask shit like this? do you honestly think that people would move something they’ve been planning for months just to better accommodate your dinner schedule?

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