Yeoman’s Omen Records First Two Demos

If you haven’t heard Yeoman’s Omen yet, you’re probably not paying attention: the folk-rock/power-pop/whatever quartet is possibly the busiest band in the class of ’14 (Grandfather puts up a fight), and unarguably the most fun. Considering their frosh performance at Battle of the Bands (image above), they may even have a future performing on Foss Hill (and other, equally classy all-ages venues).

Seriously: these guys play the sort of great, loud, sloppy, heartfelt sets sometimes missing from the Wezleyin Moozic Sceane. And they haven’t recorded, until now. Noah Rush ’14 writes in:

Yeoman’s Omen is happy to share with you our first two demos, “Signs” and “Shark-Infested Waters.” The band consists of Gabe Greenberg ’14, Noah Rush ’14, Julian Gal ’14, and Nate Repasz ’14. These recordings were produced in the Usdan basement and a Butt A dormroom thanks to fantastic work by Daniel Sullivan ’13 and feature Julius Bjornson ’14 on the fiddle and Tess Keller ’14 on the voice pipes. Here they are.
PS: Artwork is on your way!
Listen, listen:

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