“I don’t always donate my unwanted things…”

But when I do, it’s to the Waste Not! Collection Zones in my dorm’s lounge or laundry room. Donate as you pack! Waste Not! will collect any unwanted but usable clothing, furniture, fridges, books, electronic devices, school supplies, posters, lamps, mirrors, cleaning supplies, non-perishable food & more. All proceeds from September’s tag sale go to charity & to Wesleyan sustainability efforts. Email us at wesustainability@gmail.com with any questions

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4 thoughts on ““I don’t always donate my unwanted things…”

  1. pissed off

    This is terrible. I want to donate my things but there are clearly no donate sites around. 

  2. Wesustainability

    Senior or program? Email us if you’re a program house and we’ll set up a time to come by… otherwise, collections from senior houses will begin next week—we’ll be coming around in vans to pick stuff up

    1. Wessustainability

      There were/are collection sites in all the dorms. There are not as many as last year, so if you can’t find a drop off location, email wessustainability@gmail.com and we’ll help you out.

      WOODFRAMES: Check your e-mail for a repeat of all this info. Here’s the short version: drop your stuff off behind AME Zion in the metal containers between 12-3pm sunday the 15th-saturday the 21st. Then sunday between 3:30 and 6:30pm or Monday from 11-7pm.

      If you can’t drop off, e-mail wessustainability@gmail.com with your address and we’ll come pick your stuff up as soon as possible. You can also text your address to one of the sustainability interns (cell #s in the e-mail). 

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