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  1. Ayn Rand

     This comment thread proves, once again, that sarcasm doesn’t work on the internet. 

    Best,Ayn Rand
    Staff Troll for Wesleying Student-Run Campus Blog

    1. Zach

      PRETTY SURE I DIDN’T FIND IT THERE [bizarrely enough, internet memes occasionally originate from places other than the Wesleyan Writing Workshop Blog] BUT I WILL LINK THERE BECAUSE WHY NOT.

      1. eleven

        Haha sorry man, I am the original commenter, I didn’t actually think you stole it… didn’t think you’d get so uptight… or lose sleep… or get spider veins… Just thought it was weird that it showed up there just a few days ago. 

      2. cribbles

        Zach I can’t say that I’ve ever met you in real life, but our one mutual facebook friend is Mark Prindle, and I respect that

    2. Anonymous

      There are a few reasons I think the image in question wasn’t stolen from the Writing Workshop blog:

      1) The image struck me as familiar when he posted it on my facebook wall yesterday, and I had not seen the Writing Workshop blog post in question.
      2) The image is of a lower resolution on the Writing Workshop blog than on Wesleying. This means the closest Zach could have come to stealing it was viewing it on the blog and then searching for a higher resolution version elsewhere, which implies that the original source of the image may not be the Writing Workshop blog.
      3) The image seems to be an internet meme: it’s comedic in nature, includes the internet in its subject matter, and when searched for on TinEye (http://www.tineye.com/search/2d603d67dc9db22e749d07c92db619bda252f00d/) produces enough results to indicate its relative ubiquity on the internet.
      3a) One of the top 5 TinEye results is from a blog post dated August 30, 2006, which removes it significantly from the Writing Workshop blog post. So if the image was “stolen” from anyone, it was in August of 2006 or earlier.
      4) The bottom right corner of the image attribute it to ashersarlin.com, home of a webcomic (webcomics are frequent generators of viral internet content).
      5) The concept of “stealing” media on the internet is, in general, dubious at best. For a deeper exploration, I recommend enrolling in SOC289: Political-Economy of Culture in the Digital Age whenever
      6) Zach is indeed a “LAME-O”, and so probably closely monitors the Writing Workshop blog and other blogs in lieu of sufficient social interaction. Due to this glaring personality flaw, it would be most unusual for him to repost the image more than five days after the blog post was added.
      7) There is no (readily apparent) copyright information on the blog expressly forbidding the reposting the content of Writing Workshop blog posts without attribution or consent.
      EDIT: 8) Zach’s own testimonial in this comment thread seems to indicate that he did not steal the image from the Writing Workshop blog.

      I hope this clarifies why I would disagree with your implication/assertion that this image was stolen from the Writing Workshop blog. Before you ask: Yes, I do have better things to do, and yes, I am indeed “feeding the troll”.

      Blogger for Wesleying: Wesleyan’s Student-Run Blog detailing “Real students, real student life at Wesleyan University.”

      1. loco

         I know Asher Sarlin, the guy who makes those comics. He’s awesome. and he would also think that Zach and Batte_A are Lame-O’s.. Chill the F out. Asher is cooler than y’all, show him some respect.

        1. Hjsalk

          i too know a-sarlin. he’s the man and would LOVE batte_a and zach. totally forgot about his amazing webcomic though. that shit was amazing back in the day.

          1. loco

            Lol why would he love them? I do enjoy Wesleying and thank these posters for their time and commitment, but I do think they take themselves way too seriously.

            You from jersey? That’s where I knew Asher. I do love his stuff. Can’t believe someone has the gaul to now refer to it as an “internet meme.” Just offensive. 

          2. Anonymous

            Dear loco, 

            Thank you for your comment. The reason I take Wesleying so “seriously” is because of Wesleying’s importance. As the chief source of news and entertainment for Wesleyan University, we have a duty to fulfill the needs of Wesleying followers on- and off-campus, and there’s little room for jocular behavior (outside of the occasional Michael Roth or Public Safety reference) in this mission. We at Wesleying have a high standard of journalistic integrity to hold, and if we must “take themselves way too seriously” to do so, so be it.

            Staff Writer for the Wesleying Student-Run Campus Blog

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