Procrastination Destination Du Jour: 1000 Awesome Things

Hey everyone, hope you’re almost done with your finals. Here’s another Procrastination Destination to prevent you from doing that studying:

1000 Awesome Things is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a blog that documents rather awesome things. Launched in June 2008, it has been updating about every weekday since then. Written by Neil Pasricha, the blog has a pretty predictable format. Posts begin with a number, counting down from 1000 and a title. This is followed by a picture and a description of the awesome thing. Every post ends with – not surprisingly – the word “AWESOME!” and a message from a reader expressing their love for either the blog or Pasricha’s book in a public setting, often with another picture.

Pasricha is also the author of two books. Not surprisingly, these books are called The Book of Awesome and The Book of (Even More) Awesome (depicted in the banner above).

Most of Pasricha’s “Awesome Things” are pretty entertaining and relatable. Here are a few ones to read in particular. Skimming the blog can be addicting though, so watch out!

Enjoy, and good luck on those last few finals!

[Tip submitted by Hadas Werman ’14]

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  1. Craziness

     Oprah would like this.  She says to write down a thing you’re grateful for every day.

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