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  1. Noreply

    Oh man, as a programmer of WesCam of class of 2008; props to who coded it up for this year. I get a chuckle at seeing this,

    2008 was when WesCam was first set up for private messaging; unfortunately, the actual database is set up on somebody’s machine whom had foresight that I couldn’t be trusted with the information; oh well, could have been a goldmine…
    Matching rate for WesCam ’08 was 58%, # of matches / class size. Let’s see how well 2011 do…

    1. Noreply

      Also, just watched the video. Looks like you guys built this in RoR which I used coding WesCam as an excuse to learn. Ha, still a big nerd. 

    2. Carlo

      Thanks for checking it out. It was incredibly successful and there were actually more matches than kids in our class. Most of it was just friends messing around obviously, but still!

      And yeah, that’s the exact same reason I chose to code it in Rails. lol

    1. Anonymous

       It’s a portmanteau of “Wes” and “Scam”. Beyond that, I can only speculate (“an online hookup service? has to be a scam!”). If you find out anything more, let me know.

  2. bat-ay (hey i just got that?)

     are we assigned random nicknames (pokemans!), or when we submit a name, does it display our username?

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