I hope y’all are ready for the next episode.

[Thanks Ian Park ’11]

and speaking of Dr. Dre…

I love Wesleyan.

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13 thoughts on “OH WHAT UP SENIOR WEEK ’11

  1. Pimpc

     the first one is terrible. should be removed for the creative and musical reputation of wes.

    the second one was awesome. keep that shit up but find people who can rap better. the eclectic rhyme was awesome though and the cinematics were top notch. how about spoken phor or some people with actual lyrical talent?

    all in all though, the second video was fucking rad. keep it up

    1. Just think about it...

      These were class projects, not submissions for the next MTV music video. I feel you that the second video is very polished and well put together. But don’t for a second think that these projects were produced with the intention of  being distributed across this hyper-critical  campus. 

  2. Anon

    What’s the difference between a hipster, a frat brother, and a nerd? Not much, they’re all white men… cool.

  3. johnwesley

    LMAO.  Liked the various venues  (wood-frames, High St.; for once, entire focus wasn’t on Foss Hill) Not sure, however, how either of them would be received @collegeconfidential.com.  

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