Senior Week Bucket List!

Hey WesFOLK (alumni and current students alike),

We at Wesleying thought that it would be worthwhile to create a forum for Wesleyanites to offer suggestions for a Senior Week Bucket List.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

To get the ball rolling:

– Brunch at O’Rourke’s

– Movie at Destinta

– Visit to Indian Hill

– Roller skating on Main Street

All the best,



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8 thoughts on “Senior Week Bucket List!

  1. yes

    Barbara you da cutest.

    Ok– Tequila Thursdays. Wish there had been a “thirsty girls” this year!! Can’t believe the tradition died out.

    Stealing a book from Olin. Yeah whatever I’m bad.
    Trip to the farm.
    Trip to Never Say Goodbye.
    Trip to Iguanas.
    Drink beer on hill.
    Puke the morning of graduation.

  2. Anonymous

    – High five an alum!
    – Naked in the rain- Naked in the sun (significantly more challenging, according to the forecasts for the week)
    – Light-up Frisbee on Andrus or in the Butthole

  3. Guest

    roof of exley
    sex in the stacks
    coke in the gote room
    party on fountain
    drum circle
    dicks in my butt

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