The Band Cover Band Band, Live at the Gatekeeper

If you’re on campus this week and in the mood for another Wes-based The Band cover band band (see: Zonker Harris), look no further: this one’s straight outta Class of ’06. John Wesley ’06 (yes, really) writes in about “Wednesday on Thursday Night”:

Open to all current students, Wes Alumni, and anyone else.  This is a rare opportunity to re-live our collegiate Wednesday nights, while also listening and singing along to live music, paying tribute to the best band ever (“The Band”). We’ll be playing late into the night, so head on down to the ‘Keeper (there will be free shuttles running to and from campus).  This is an official Wesleyan Reunion Event and a chance to once again taste the best pitcher of beer this side of the Connecticut River at our favorite Middletown saloon (The Gatekeeper, 73 Ferry Street).

In case you’ve forgotten, or were having too much fun to remember in the first place, TBCBB features these infamous dudes from the class of 2006:

  • Jesse Galdston ’06: lead vocals
  • Chris Carmody ’06: lead guitar, vocals
  • Willie Gould ’06: rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Greg Donahue ’07: bass, vocals
  • Ari Brand ’06: keys, vocals
  • John Wesley ’06: trumpet, toys, vocals
  • Jake Lewis ’07: drums

Date: Thursday, May 19
Time: 9:30 PM – 1:30 AM
Place:The Gatekeeper bar, 73 Ferry Street Middletown, CT
Cost: [cash bar] Facebook event: Best wallpost: “I am currently parlaying my Passover post-gaming into a pre-pre-game for the Band Cover Band Band.”


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