Mad Wow Releases New EP, Rawks Tent Party

Mad Wow, the celebrated soul/funk/jazz/whatever ensemble whose recent final show blowout party resulted in a mass musical parade outside Beckham last month, has a new four-track EP out. Spoiler alert: it’s prtttty funky! I recommend “You’re Gonna Lose Me” (not to be confused with “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” or “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go,” or “Never Gonna Give You Up,” which Mad Wow should totally consider covering on its massive 2021 world tour reunion). Name Your Price Dot Bandcamp Dot Com!

Speaking of reunions, Mad Wow’s apparently not dead after all. The group rose from the dead this past Saturday night to rock Reunion & Commencement weekend’s raucous Tent Party (see: Michael Roth gettin’ jiggy with it, 2010). Here’s “Fuck You”:

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