Twitter-Stalk Alumni Like Never Before

These are all publicly available tweets.Ever wanted to stalk a Wes alum?  Ever wanted to stalk all Wes alums?  The latest project from University Relations now makes that easier than ever.  You may have heard about WesConnect (posters, business cards, homepage link, blog posts…), but did you know it has a Twitter account?  @wesconnected not only curates updates from Wes alums, but has created a list for them.  Going through the list you can find classic alumni gems like Carter Bays, Das Racist, Marjora Carter, and Matt Lesser in addition to plenty of people you may never have heard of.  Journalists, entertainers, writers, politicians, and those Brooklynites that were Paul Farmer’s punchline are all there.

Twitter is inherently stalkerish, so you can follow the tweets of the entire group at once.  Top-left is a visual of what Wes alums have to share with the world.  So far, only @WesCFA has taken on the momentous task of following the whole list.  I applaud them.

Here are some shared alumni interests I’ve gathered from the list:

  • music
  • food
  • New York
  • tech
  • Politics

Anyone surprised (by anything except possibly tech)?

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