What do Wes Students get in trouble for?

We’re sometimes portrayed as a bunch of pot-smoking hippies, but is there really any evidence of that?  I don’t know, but we seem to be nonviolent druggies and alcoholics:

Disciplinary Actions - On Campus

Comparably, Williams had 3 drug abuse violations and 81 liquor law violations in 2009.  Amherst wasn’t quite as good as Williams, with 47 drug abuse violations and 197 liquor law violations.

The US Department of Education keeps statistics on campus safety, including criminal offenses, hate crimes, arrests, disciplinary actions, and fire statistics for all campuses nationwide.  Unfortunately, there are no statistics for student-tipping.  There are some interesting facts hidden in there:

  • Burglaries are the most common criminal offenses on campus (~35/yr).
  • There were a few hate crimes in 2009 based on race and gender.
  • Arrests on campus for drug abuse: 5 in 2007, 9 in 2008, 4 in 2009
  • There were fires in 2009 at Clark, WestCo, Hewitt, High Rise (2), Low Rise, and Church Street (2).

To view the statistics, click here.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the link might break, in which case you might want to try getting there through ed.gov’s homepage.

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5 thoughts on “What do Wes Students get in trouble for?

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  2. Wespartyguy

    This is indicative of everything that is wrong at this school. Let me guess Scott Baker got hired in 2007. The reason everyone resents this schools is embodied in this statistic. Thank god for Wespartyguy.

  3. Williams sucks

    who is the one kid at williams who got caught with drugs…. what a dumbass?

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