29 Pounds of Weed Seized in MTown Mail Package

Whatup, Middletown?

You’ve been gone, but Giant Joint’s alive and well in town: the Middletown Police Street Crime Unit found and seized 29 pounds of marijuana (above, actual image) addressed to a Middletown resident earlier this week, reports the Middletown Press. Details are still a bit hazy, but no doubt MPD can blaze through the investigation:

Detectives were advised that four boxes from a commercial shipping service were addressed to Roosevelt Freeman, 14 Traverse Square, Middletown, and possibly contained a large amount of marijuana. Two of the boxes remained at the shipping facilities annex in Louisville, Ky., which contained approximately 27.5 pounds of marijuana. The other two boxes (containing the 29 pounds) were allowed to continue on to their shipping destination, police said.

[ . . . ] Johnnie Mae Mitchell and Theodore Roosevelt Freeman were both arrested and charged with possession of more than 4 ounces of marijuana, possession with intent to sell over one kilo of marijuana, and possession of marijuana with intent to sell within a public housing project. They were both released after posting $25,000 bonds.

[Middletown Press]

Meanwhile, some nuggets of wisdom from the Press‘s ever eloquent reader comments section:

  • why do we waste taxs dollars on drugs that give u munches and its ok to taxs in other states but not ct this what we get from dummy dan malloy. why didnt he just send it in smaller packages anything under 4 oz is just a fine should just sent alot of packages on diff dates lesser charge go fight crack and herion and pills and coke no let worry about something that hasent killed anyone and if it did it was laced smart goverment they know everything but do nothing to create jobs and does anyone stop to think that everyone in life does things to make extra cash its all on what your doing to make it some women.sell them selfs some people sell drugs why hate on them when u just scared to take a risk your self it taxes free money why not screw the goverment there screwing you even are former govoner brakes laws to make his pocket fatter but freeman jr such a bad person cause he trying to make money I think not he doing what he can to make his aleast he not selling crack and coke and pills that are killing people if he doing anything he helping out food company and snack companys sell more products for them
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  • Well u wanna say that these drug dealers have no education………a lot of these drug dealers have education and are not stupid! Let me ask you do you have education because I found a lot of grammatical errors. So before you decide to comment on something you do not know about do a spell check!
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8 thoughts on “29 Pounds of Weed Seized in MTown Mail Package

  1. Eracenutz

    bullsit take the money for the pot u took from the guy we know ur selling it to bust people

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  3. Syed Ali

    “Details are still a bit hazy, but no doubt MPD can blaze through the investigation”
    Too good.

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