Yesterday, the new owners of CollegeACB finally launched the “improved” version that had been promised/threatened since Peter Frank ’12 sold the site in January.  The new site, titled blipdar, has many of the functions of the old ACB (including a search feature). On the other hand, the layout and design is…uh, just check it out for yourself.

Posts now have “power bars.” These bars allow people to rate posts or possibly flag them for removal; it isn’t clear which.

Blipdar has an FAQ, but instead of answering any specific questions about the site, it mainly talks about the writer’s preoccupation with hot cousins:

Anonymity allows people to be honest. For example, people really like talking about having the hots for their cousins. That’s not something you would say out loud. You can imagine if you do have the hots for your cousin, you might want to discuss it without your name being attached…We respect your right to be offensive, but we would rather you discuss offensive ideas (like being attracted to your cousin) than attack other people…Yes. We consider having the hots for your cousin a serious issue and we would like to provide a safe space to discuss this issue.

So far, reaction to blipdar has been mainly negative:

I miss Peter Frank Bring back ACB!

this fucking sucks somebody fix this shit now!

i wonder what blipdar stands for?

The people running this fucking site are motherfucking buffoons. Read the FAQ. Worst blathering bullshit I’ve read in some time.

At least we can search again Look on the bright side.

The worst part is, I can no longer view this site while taking a crap because my phone doesn’t view it well.

What next? Back to the Livejournal ACB or on to a new site? Wesleying ACB, anybody?

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26 thoughts on “ACB WTF

  1. anonymous

    I made a new ACB based on the old layout. This is just a temporary host for it. You can register and log in and do a really rudimentary form of PMing, and the board index sort looks exactly the same as the ACB.

    1. anonymous

      new site here, old one was reported to the host and cancelled, probably by bl1pd4r. they censored me when i tried to post about it there

      so don’t post about it on bl1pd4r

      we’ll have a more permanent host before long

  2. Igottenfelonies

    livejournal…still the best ACB tool around. seriously, that ACB is so much better than this searchable, message-board, libelous bullshit.

  3. H5n1

    Although we have a small comp sci department, I’m really hoping that they can step up and make a replacement ACB quickly and effectively. That’d really be the best possible outcome.

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    1. cribbles


      no robots.txt, meaning that anything that gets posted on that site is googleable

      same with the new acb (‘blipdar’), by the way

  6. + Fines

    Also of note is that in the FAQ there are 5 or so offensive, including insulting other students, that lead to fines going directly to the owner of the site.

  7. Annoyed

    Why are wes kids allowing some anonymous outside party to make money by exploiting our need for a board like this while subjecting us to annoying changes and intrusive ads?  i’d much rather it be run by a wes student than some random company who doesn’t really care what we want the board to be and just wants to make money off of us.

    also, the search function now searches ALL the schools’ boards, which means
    your name now easily shows up to anyone from any school who searches for it. yes, that information was always available but in the past you had to actually go to a specific school’s board to find it which made it a little more hidden.

    1. Pre-Frosh Unite!

      Hmm. Interesting post.

      I’m still wondering if there’s any possibility of getting a room for me and my Hammie (Fiona) @ Wes next year. Hammie lovers??

  8. What have you done

    Peter Frank, you’ve allowed this to turn into a monster.  The sole term you should not have agreed to in the trade is the anonymity of this new utter fool of an owner.

    1. Anonymous

      >implying Peter Frank has any responsibility whatsoever for the site after he SOLD IT AND TURNED OVER RESPONSIBILITY TO SOMEONE ELSE

      1. cribbles

        well he kind of does I mean

        he owns this site with tons of hugely sensitive personal information, people PMing each other for drugs and hookups and so on and so forth

        i’d say that any decision regarding what to do with that data, including whether to sell it to some internet rando, is a pretty big responsibility

        1. Anonymous

          Alright – maybe I’ll backpedal on the degree of “any responsibility whatsoever”, but unless it was rather obvious how bad the new ACB handlers would handle it (which we either will never know or can’t know without asking P. Freezy), he is orders of magnitude less responsible than the new owners themselves for the site. After all, they’re the ones who did all the stuff we’re up in arms about.

      1. cribbles

        I’m not posting on that site until they put up a robots.txt preventing people from googling my name

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