Somewhat-Belated-News of the Day: Odede and Posner on NBC Nightly News!


Rachel Gelman ’12 tipped me off about this more than a week ago, but due to [insert flimsy excuse here], I’m only posting this now: ubiquitous WesCelebs  Kennedy Odede ’12 and Jess Posner ’09 were featured on a recent episode of MSNBC Nightly News, profiling the Kibera School for Girls! (Only not at Wesleyan would Kennedy and Jess’s collaboration be labeled an “unlikely friendship”.) Check it out for a quick summary of the successes of the Kibera School and some screen time for campus star Olin Memorial Library.

[Adapted from the Wes Strategies of Leadership blog]

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5 thoughts on “Somewhat-Belated-News of the Day: Odede and Posner on NBC Nightly News!

  1. Anon

    It’s NBC news, not MSNBC. Also, I agree about the subtitles, what the hell was that

    1. Ayn Rand

      It’s because the media knows that idiot Americans can’t understand English spoken by foreigners who aren’t white. 

      Also, it’s because NBC Universal is one of the most incompetent media companies in the US.

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