In the Company of Others and Unspeakable Acts: Performers Needed!

The New Student Orientation program is still seeking performers for In the Company of Others 2011 and Unspeakable Acts 2011!

In the Company of Others is an event that lets current Wes students share the amazing experiences that they have had with new students. It is an important event for incoming students, as they get to see first hand some of the wonderful people with whom they’ll share a space. In the Company of Others is a time when four to five students share their experiences with new students in the hopes of sparking conversation regarding what is means to live in a diverse community. If you’d like to be one of those awesome students this year, then please complete the interest form found at this link! Students who have already expressed interest need not reapply.

[In the Company of Others Interest Form Link]

Unspeakable Acts and Know the Line is looking for performers who identify as male. Unspeakable Acts is a series of skits addressing sexual assault, relationship violence and alcohol issues that WesWELL sponsors during New Student Orientation. The performance is a powerful introduction to sexual assault and alcohol use on campus and provides a starting point for further discussion for this difficult but important topic. For more about Unspeakable Acts, read past the jump: 

These skits are performed as “reader’s theatre”, where the performers carry a script to refer to rather than fully memorizing them. Performers are encouraged to be familiar enough with the material that they do not need to read from their script verbatim. The setting is very minimal and no costumes are worn, allowing audience members to use their imaginations to fill in details based on what they are hearing.

No acting experience needed, just an interest in educating your peers and addressing sexual assault and alcohol use on campus. An ability to read with feeling and a strong voice help.

If you are interested in Unspeakable Acts, email the Orientation Interns at orientation[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. Be sure to specify your interest in Unspeakable Acts in the subject line.

Contact the Orientation Interns with any questions:

Email: orientation[at]wesleyan[dot]edu – (Please include either ITCOO or Unspeakable Acts in the subject line)

Phone: (860) 685-5666 – (Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST)

NOTE: If you already expressed interest in In the Company of Others, this post is NOT in any way an indication of the acceptance or rejection of your application. When final decisions are made, you will be notified. Please do not reapply. Thank you!

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