Miami Heat Loses NBA Finals, Releases First Demos

Terrible news for Miami Heat fans, but excellent news for Miami Heat fans: the post-Awesomefest four-piece has released its debut demos, “Shock” and “You Said Something,” recorded live at Music House in April. They are dirty and lo-fi and nice. I recommend the filthy noise the lead guitar makes at 2:05 in “You Said Something.” Features members of Linus, The Parents, and The Japanese; sounds like none of the above.

‘grats to Zain Alam ’13, Dylan Bostick ’13, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, and Charlie Ellis ’13 Ethan Cohen ’13.

Recommended for people who:

  • wish Linus listened to more Stooges.
  • think MuHo makes for a totally legit recording space.
  • think Gote Room >>> main stage room.
  • thought the vocals were the best part of Lightning Bolt.
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9 thoughts on “Miami Heat Loses NBA Finals, Releases First Demos

  1. rofl

    I actually want to slap them for You Said Something.
    Did they really consider this music?

    1. Guest

       its funny because they’re essentially the same group (minus zain) who helped put on fleet foxes

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