Concert Committee On Booking Bands Over the Summer

Musically, September of last year was a bit slow. With various obstacles impeding summer booking processes, the first major musical act, Bear In Heaven, didn’t arrive until about a month into the year.

For the Fall 2011 semester, Concert Committee wants to hit the ground running. With some “careful legislative¬†maneuvering”, the committee has constructed the following processes for concert proposals and bookings over the summer. Sky Stallbaumer ’12 writes:

-We are only working with 12.5% of our full budget right now, which is in the ballpark of 10k. This means that any request over $1000-$1500 is a significant chunk of what is available.

-We will only be considering shows that are being planned for the first 2-4 weeks of school. Please don’t email us now about shows that you want to put together later in the semester, because that can wait until we get back. Obviously there are some rare exceptions to this, like if you’re trying to put something high-budget together, but we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it.

-In order to propose a show using this money, it would be best if you emailed us beforehand–sstallbaumerATwesleyanDOTedu, ctgreenATwesleyanDOTedu, ccouchATwesleyanDOTedu–with a short paragraph describing your booking experience, followed by your proposal. This process is going to be limited mainly to those who have prior experience putting a show together, because making the same procedure that moves relatively slowly when we’re all on campus work when we’re all over the place (and in different time zones) is going to require a bit more independence, which inexperienced bookers may not have at this stage in the game. Again, there may be some rare exceptions to this.

Other than that, the process is more or less consistent with the way it works on campus: you send an email to the three of us, explaining the act, the venue, expected attendance, and any other logistical concerns. We discuss it and get back to you with a response as quickly as we can. The only differences are that this money is not approved this summer, but instead earmarked for approval once we arrive back on campus, and we cannot draft contracts for these new bands.

For a lil’ summer nostalgia, check out Method Magazine’s video coverage of the Bear In Heaven show.

Bear In Heaven – Live @ Wesleyan from Method Magazine on Vimeo.

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