Well Dressed Wes @ Huff Post

Flattering: Huff Post has placed Wesleyan at number seven on its list of the nation’s best dressed colleges, accompanied by a Method Magazine photo from—wait, is that Zelnick? Anyone know the occasion? A “Party on Fountain” outtake still?

Embarrassing: The attached blurb reads like a 60-words-or-less Idiot’s Guide to Wes-in-the-News Clichés. No, Wesleying Is Not Making This Up:

Known for being an artsy school with a PC student body, it’s no surprise that a good portion of these curiously shaven folk belong on LATFH.com. Says one sophomore about the student body’s fashion mentality: “Fashion is just a patriarchial construct designed to limit women’s creativity and propagate unreachable goals of feminity…but generally I shop at Buffalo Exchange.”

[Huff Post]

Anyone remember Well Dressed Wes, the Blogspot page highlighting “the best dressed of the Wesleyan University party scene”? Probably not—it hasn’t been updated since 2007, and its founders are long graduated. But if fashion-blogging is your thang, I guess you could do worse than Wesleyan.

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  1. Guest

    I’m not sure that these HuffPo lists are ranked in any particular order. So I don’t think we’re strictly worse dressed than number 6 or better dressed than number 8.

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