Wes Mentioned in Boston Phoenix Muzzle Awards

The Boston Phoenix’s “Muzzle Awards” highlight rash acts of censorship, so it’s fairly disconcerting—but not altogether surprising—to see Wes and Betagate get a mention:

In an attempt to control student life outside the campus confines, Wesleyan proposed a prohibition, to take effect in August, on certain activities in “private societies that are not recognized by the University,” such as “taking meals” and “participating in social activities.” Recognizing that the policy was strikingly broad, Wesleyan students protested; after all, even houses of worship are private societies. The university responded with a policy revision in May. Problem solved?

In Harvey Silverglate’s view, Roth’s post-shitstorm revision doesn’t make things right:

Not quite. Wesleyan simply replaced the words “private societies” with “Greek organizations,” and left the rest of the language intact. Thus, a Wesleyan student can soon be punished for eating a meal or playing cards at a Greek organization unrecognized by the university. Ever hear of freedom of association, a close relative of freedom of speech?

In other muzzle-award news, Yale enacts a five-year ban on DKE campus activities and UMass Amherst forces students to uphold “civility,” ” “social justice,” and “social responsibility” (the horror!).

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